Tuesday, 12 June 2012

John Friend Blogovates

John Friend posted a very long-winded explanation of his perspective on his Anusara-gate scandal:


I'd post comments on Elephant Journal, but they'd get deleted in a microsecond.  My quick thoughts:

  1. Editing is not an art, in fact it's pretty damn easy but this article is an editing fail.  Headings are good, figuring out what topics to let lie fallow is better, however.  
  2. The most interesting part is the discussion of the ongoing negotiations with the Anusara leadership council on transfer of trademarks and such.  To say that this is only about the 'trademarks' is somewhat duplicitous since it's really about control of the Anusara brand. He does manage make the leadership committee to look like douche-bags too, in how they attempted to dictate to him outside the reasonable boundaries of the intellectual property issues.  
  3. I note the one thing he didn't talk about was the attempted sale to the Israeli woman.
  4. I'd say that he's been humbled.  He is, after all, human.  
Hopefully YogaDork will repost the letter so that there can be an open forum discussion (since Elephant Journal censors so aggressively and inappropriately).  

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